Gas – The Clean Energy of the Future

Gas – The Clean Energy of the Future

When gas is drawn from the earth, it is a mixture of several gases and liquids. Commercial natural gas is mainly composed of methane. However, it also contains ethane, propane and butane in accordance with the specifications for natural gas in each country in which it is distribu

Gas - The Clean Energy of the Future

Gas Flame

ted. Therefore, before natural gas is marketed, some NGLs, including LPG (propane and butane) are separated out, depending on the”wetness” of the gas produced: NGLs represent 1 to 10% of the unprocessed gas stream. Worldwide, gas processing is the source of approximately 60% of LP Gas produced.


In an oil refinery, LP Gases are produced at various stages: atmospheric distillation,Gas "The Clean energy of the future" reforming, cracking and others. The LPG produced will be between 1 and 4% of crude oil processed. This yield will depend on the type of crude oil, the degree of sophistication of the oil refinery and the market values of propane and butane compared to other oils products. Worldwide, refining is the source of approximately 40% of LPG produced.


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